Maroondah City of Wellbeing

Helping contribute to safer and healthier communities through improved wellbeing. 

Joint Venture Partners

Croydon Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc.

Rotary District 9810 Charitable Services (RCS)

Sponsor Rotary Club

Croydon-Montrose (D9810)

This project closed in April 2022.  It was significantly impacted by Covid-19 which closed schools for an extended period during 2020 and 2021; and the closing of the Rotary Club of Croydon-Montrose (sponsor club) on 30 June 2022.

Project History

The City of Maroondah has declared wellbeing as a major development priority as part of their vision strategy for the next 30 years, – a project supported by the Rotary Club of Croydon-Montrose. One in five adults experience mental illness in any year in Australia and it is more likely to be closer to one in two young people. In May 2017, the Joint Venture was established to facilitate tax deductible contributions and donations in kind to support disadvantaged / disengaged youth in the community as well as disadvantaged adults subject to isolation and depression (high incidence demographic).

Maroondah City of Wellbeing Joint Venture Board

Rotary Croydon – Montrose

Viv Baume (Joint President)
Jean Stuart (Joint President)

Rotary Charitable Services

David Alexander (RCS Director / Chair)

Maroondah City of Wellbeing

Edwina Ricci (Heathmont College)
Gail Woods (Secretary / Treasurer)

Further Information

Rotary International District 9810 Project Funds Ltd
as Trustee for Rotary District 9810 Charitable Services (RCS)
ABN 93 355 920 863