Manningham Inclusive Community Housing

Helping young people with an intellectual disability to transition to a home of their own.

Joint Venture Partners

Manningham Inclusive Community Housing (MICH Inc.)

Rotary District 9810 Charitable Services (RCS)

Sponsor Rotary Club

Manningham (D9810)

MICH Inc. purpose is to help young adults with an intellectual disability (ID) who currently live their lives in the City of Manningham, to maintain and build a meaningful life by staying connected to the places and people within their community. And this means having a home of their own.

In May 2017, the Joint Venture was established to facilitate tax deductible contributions and donations in kind to assist young adult men and women living with ageing parents; – or parents no longer able to care for their adult children, – to live independently in the community (with identified supports). Transition programs assist them to find a home of their own and to gain the necessary life skills to live independently.

Achievements to Date

MIRVAC Tullamore development – four young people with an ID have successfully transitioned to a ‘home of their own’.

Transition Courses Delivered by Service Providers

Towards a Better Life – prepares prospective tenants for a successful transition into a home of their own.

KeyRing – assists tenants to get to know their neighbours.

MICH Joint Venture Board

Rotary Manningham

Soula Ganiatsas [Chair]
Daryl Brown

Rotary Charitable Services

Felicity Smith (RCS Director)


Grant Purdy (Treasurer)
Franco Scalzo (Secretary)

Further Information

Rotary International District 9810 Project Funds Ltd
as Trustee for Rotary District 9810 Charitable Services (RCS)
ABN 93 355 920 863