Helping Hand Foodbank

Helping support people in the Croydon community and beyond when hard times hit.

Joint Venture Partners

Croydon Uniting Church Inc.

Rotary District 9810 Charitable Services (RCS)

Sponsor Rotary Club

Croydon-Montrose (D9810)

Croydon Uniting Church Helping Hand is a not for profit organisation that in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Croydon has been assisting those in need in the Maroondah Community for 19 years. In May 2017, the Helping Hand Joint Venture was established to facilitate tax deductible contributions and donations in kind. It aims to support those in crisis that cannot afford to purchase the simple necessities in life, providing food parcels, toiletries and a friendly environment of non judgemental support for those in need of assistance. Helping Hand has over 900 beneficiaries in the Croydon and surrounding areas and seeks to increase its support services by raising additional funds.

Helping Hand Joint Venture Board

Rotary Croydon – Montrose

Stephen Bode
Jean Stuart
Eric Wright

Rotary Charitable Services

Malcolm Chiverton (RCS Director / Chair)

Helping Hand

David Collett (Treasurer)
Dianne Bull (Secretary / Foodbank Manager)

Further Information

Rotary International District 9810 Project Funds Ltd
as Trustee for Rotary District 9810 Charitable Services (RCS)
ABN 93 355 920 863